For nearly 25 years, we've produced industry-leading LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures, DE reflectors, electronic ballasts, bulbs and more for greenhouse and indoor commercial hydroponic operations.

Our broad selection of high-performance growing media, pots and containers are designed to help professional hydroponic growers attain vigorous plant growth and abundant harvests.

Whether you're looking for hydroponic nutrients and supplements, cloning and seed starting supplies, or pest and disease control methods, we have professional brands for every phase of your plants' growth cycle.

Creating the right environment for your plants is critical. Control factors such as humidity, temperature and CO2 with equipment like fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation, ducting, air purifiers, and more, for the best plant propagation and life expectancy in your greenhouse grow.

Custom or pre-designed commercial rolling benches and trays made from ABS or polystyrene and galvanized steel tubing give you a sturdy, functional and efficient way to maximize usable production space and cut down on wasted time.

Easily control lighting, CO2, ballast timers, temperature, humidity, heating and cooling equipment with environmental controllers. These control panels, timers, monitors and more are all designed specifically for use in hydroponic, greenhouse, indoor and aquaponic gardening.

We offer a complete selection of water-delivery systems, components and accessories. This includes pumps, aeration, irrigation and dosing equipment to ensure accurate and reliable nutrient delivery for your hydroponic plants.

Explore our selection of accessories like plant support, hand tools, harvest solutions, garden hygiene and safety supplies designed for starting and maintaining a successful large-scale commercial greenhouse operation.

Our laboratories, indoor and greenhouse grow suites, training and breeding areas allow us to tailor, test & fine-tune services for a successful cultivation experience.

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