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We own the leading brands in coco and peat-based media that commercial growers rely on to bring excellence to their grows. For peat-based media, we own and mine our own peat bogs—ensuring quality from the very start on all Root Factory peat-based growing media and more. This level of vertical integration across growing media, adjacent categories and support enables us to improve your cost savings, revenue retention and growth ambitions.

Marrying our growing media solutions with Hawthorne lights, nutrients and custom mixes gives you the performance advantage and consistency you need from top to bottom.

Coco is made from the husks of a coconut, is pH stable, and provides moisture retention & aeration.
Peat-based mixes are typically light weight and have great air/water holding properties.
Expanded Clay pebbles provide moisture retention & aeration, and are reusable if sterilized.
Rockwool stone is heated & spun into fibers, compressed, provides excellent oxygen to water ratio, flushing/conditioning is recommended.
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