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Hawthorne Gardening Company takes the role of "leader" in horticultural lighting very seriously. We make every effort to deliver the best performing lighting products on the market. Testing all of our products thoroughly and rigorously, as well as competitive products, allows us to know exactly how ours and other's perform under real world conditions. To that end, significant expense has been made in testing equipment and personnel to assure the accuracy of our claims and the information we provide in supporting those claims.

Hawthorne Gardening Company continues to make a substantial investment into a number of light measuring devices including: a High Speed Moving Mirror Goniophotometer Series 6400T, a Spectrometer (GL Spectis 5.0 Touch); a 2 Meter Integrating Sphere (also known as an Ulbricht Sphere); Electronic Ballast Test System – Manufacturer Everfine Model HB4B Software – SolidWorks; AGI32; Photopia and an Irradiance/Illuminance Head capable of measuring Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) within a 200 nm – 1050 nm wavelength range.

The function of a sphere is to carefully integrate radiant flux. Light has to bounce off the 97% reflective material to create an equal distribution of light on any surface. When taking the measurement at a specific port in the sphere with the GL Spectis 5.0 Touch spectrometer and utilizing the GL Spectro Soft Pro software it can calculate (by performing the radiance equation) that the measurements taken at the one particular port is the exact output of the lamp itself. The Spectrometer is designed to measure an entire spectrum between the 200 nm and 1050 nm wavelength. It will perform all lumen, par and ppf measurements. This will calculate the micromole per watt the light will emit.

The High Speed Moving Mirror Goniophotometer delivers fast operation with accurate results no matter what type of lamp or luminaire test may be required. State-of-the-art computer hardware, coupled with sophisticated data collection and analysis software, provides a fully-automated test system. The equipment meets all applicable CIE and IESNA requirements. Data collection occurs at a rate of 15,000 readings per second, allowing the mirror to rotate at 4 rotations per minute or faster throughout the entire test.

RF Shielded room with anechoic absorber materials designed to filter out all unwanted electrical noise. We're always striving to produce the best products available. The only way to accurately do this is to perform the testing ourselves. We have the capabilities to fact check everything that we sell and manufacture. We can instantly show that what we have is not only accurate, but presents real world situations. This extra effort helps us deliver what we believe are the best performing lighting products available.

Your success is why we use premium equipment, materials and skilled labor in the production of every reflector and lighting system. It's these differences that separate Hawthorne Gardening Company's products from everyone else.

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